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No one has ever done this before.


On each episode of this podcast, Jessica Carlson interviews her friend Matt Houchin about a different celebrity he has encountered. Through their candid conversations, they explore fame, empathy, jealousy, spirituality, pop culture, nostalgia, and more.

Guest hosts have also included the incomparable Robb Buzzini and Matt's ex-wife Katie.

Jessica Interviews Matt about Celebrities he has Encountered podcast

My Actual Job

It took awhile, but eventually I was able to turn my love of making fun, funny videos with my friends into a career.

At Zscaler I get to work on tons of cool content, mainly for our big internal events, but also some external promotional stuff too.

On top of the behind the scenes media production, I also get to regularly scratch my performer itch in front of the camera as co-host for many of our company events.

Closing Session-0660-Enhanced-NR.jpg

Bloomington Bros.

The Bloomington Bros. was a comedy web series that ran mainly from 2008-2010 following the suburban misadventures of "Matt Houchin" and "Ross McNamara," two friends from the opposite sides of the tracks who never matured after high school.

The duo gained a cult following after their Nickelback Photograph parody video went viral, and the series was pitched as a TV show to multiple networks.

The full Bloomington Bros. universe also includes the food review show The Skinny and the outdoor enthusiast show Ice Fishin' Minnesota.

Occasionally a new, tangentially-related video will still get released on the ol' YouTube channel, and the dream of a Bloomington Bros. feature length movie still lives on.

Bloomington Bros.

Some friends asked me to be their wedding officiant, so I entered my name and email address into a website and became an ordained minister. The ceremony was a success, and I’m not feeling ready to retire from my ministry just yet. Why let all that time I spent entering my name and email address go to waste?

Sometimes I get inspired to write sermons, which you can read here.

Rev. Matt Houchin

This is what I call my company when I work on whatever I want to.  Mainly short documentaries about intriguing artists, athletes, or family members.  And also some music videos

The name Melrose Hill comes from the area I was living when I found God.

melrose hill movies logo final.jpeg

Once upon a time I produced a TV show about snowmobiling and spent A LOT of time in greater Minnesota.  This character naturally emerged during that four year experience.

Bob mainly sticks to vlogging depressing videos on his YouTube channel, but he also performs live and has found success as a guest reporter at the Minnesota State Fair, Superbowl Live, and other major Minnesotan events.

He can be even be seen playing himself in the film Terrordactyl: Extinction USA (pictured right) and the web series Ice Fishin' Minnesota.

Bob Johnson

This is a feature length documentary about truck drivers that I produced.  It's better than most documentaries that I've seen, but I had no idea how to make it a thing, so it's just on YouTube.

King of the Road feature-length documentary

In college I regularly performed as a magician who didn't do any magic tricks. A couple times I got paid.

The Amazing Matt
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